Low Level Flying in the Mach Loop
The Mach Loop in Wales, is a set of low fly valleys between Dolgellau and Machynlleth which are regularly used for low level flight training. Within the Mach Loop there are many areas that are suitable for photography, many of these locations are located high up in the mountains so care must be taken when visiting as it can very quickly become a hostile place to be. Please be safe and ensure to research well before visiting.
The photography can be very exciting with fast jet traffic travelling in excess of 250mph and at heights as low as 250 feet, this can make photography a challenge especially as the aircraft is only in front of you for seconds. With the majority of the day spent staring down the valley in the hope that an aeroplane will be snaking its way up the valley.
Below are some images from the times that I have visited the Mach Loop, that last being in 2015.

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